get inspiredInspiring your donors to give is important.

Inspiring yourself and staying motivated is, too.

Let’s face it – fundraising isn’t easy. Some days, it’s downright hard.

You’ve got more to do than you can get done, and there’s always someone asking why you can’t raise more money.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like.

I remember the days of working my booty off to get things done, and some well-meaning Board member would call with a “great idea” for me. Yeah. Good times.

The important thing is to know what stokes the fire of your heart, especially on days when you feel like throwing in the towel.

For me, it’s about visiting the front line of the organization. That always rejuices me.

But there’s this thing called balance. And we need it to be our best.
That means doing things outside of work that feed your creativity.

For me that includes gardening, horseback riding, and quilting.

Not sure what those might be for you?

Here’s a list of 50 ways to get inspired from my friend (and former client) Tammy Johnson who graciously gave me permission to share these inspirational ideas with you.

Try something new. Get going and have fun!

1. Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone

2. Make a new music playlist

3. Play a game

4. Paint a picture

5. Look up inspirational quotes on Pinterest

6. Fulfill a childhood dream

7. Make something with your hands

8. Ask someone you see today what they’re grateful for

9. Learn a craft

10. Take a bath

11. Exercise

12. Declutter one area of your home

13. Go to a live concert

14. Take a break

15. Go to a workshop, seminar, conference or retreat

16. Take pictures

17. Watch TED talks about creativity

18. Write a letter to your 70 year old self

19. Write a letter to your teenage self

20. Start a creative “me time” journal

21. Redecorate a room

22. Join a choir or singing group

23. Read some inspiring blogs

24. Go for a drive

get inspired25. Make a dream board

26. Do some drawing

27. Dance

28. Experiment with makeup

29. Get a coloring book

30. Take a nap

31. Throw a party

32. Get outside

33. Turn off the TV

34. Daydream

35. Keep a sketchbook

36. Write a poem

37. Sing a song

38. Doodle

39. Watch a video of a baby laughing

40. Go for a walk

41. Try something new

42. Write a bucket list

43. Listen to music that moves you

44. Disconnect for a while

45. Watch an inspirational video

46. Give yourself a pressure-free day

47. Sing in the shower

48. Thank a mentor

49. Start a new good habit

50. Live like you mean it

There will never be a better time to do something to get inspired than now!

Take action and head back into your tasks with renewed momentum!